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Fantasy bubble House

Get ready for an exciting and unique party experience with Bubble House! Our clear inflatable dome is the talk of Portland and the newest party craze. Blast off into fun with this one of a kind entertainment, perfect for any kind of celebration. Whether you're planning a birthday, graduation, or corporate event, Bubble House can tailor the experience to make it an unforgettable celebration for all ages!


High Quality

Our bubble house is made of materials of a commercial grade, so it can withstand even the most energetic partygoers.


High Fun-ction

Our bubble house looks great and works even better because it's made for maximum balloon circulation and easy entry and exit!  Although they are separate services, our light-up balloons, photo booth, and bubble blower are all optional extras.


Party Support

During your rental, a Bubble Attendant will be provided by our team along with the delivery and setup of the bubble house. Just unwind and have fun at the celebration.


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About Fantasy Parties & Events PDX

Committed to Excellence

Our goal at Fantasy Parties and Events is to provide an amazing, one-of-a-kind celebration experience. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our clients with an exceptional experience that will make them feel like kids once more.
We work hard to customize our fantasy bubble house events to the exact specifications provided by the client.

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Party with Sparklers

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We hope that our services fulfilled every requirement. If you would like to respond positively or if you have any concerns. We would be delighted to hear your opinions. Kindly get in touch with us!

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